Nadia Hussain Joins #WokeUpThisWayChallenge

In spite of social media’s proclamation as a place of ultimately glam makeup videos and extensively filtered photos, celebrities from all over the world are pulling back the curtain on the mirrors and smoke by posting portraits without any makeup for a better cause. This challenge entitled, #WokeUpThisWayChallenge is started by a pop-art blogger from Los Angeles which has further turned into a movement with an abundance of celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Jaime King and others taking part in it by sharing their photos, first thing in the morning, laying in their beds. The people uploading photos further nominate their friends to do the same. The motto of this challenge is to go back to the days of originality and bare-faced beauty instead of contemporary photos stuffed with filters.

In the wake of the ongoing trend of putting up photos without any makeup, one of the top models of Pakistan, Nadia Hussain has also posted her barefaced photo on her Instagram account, nominating Mawra Hocane, Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly and Ayesha Omar to do the same.

Amidst unwavering praise for the model, few Instagram users have tried to malign the photo. In lieu of staying quiet on the matter, Nadia Hussain has stood up to undermine these adverse views on the no-makeup photo by sharing the screenshot of these comments. She writes, “So pathetic to see!!! Yes it’s true WOMEN PULL DOWN OTHER WOMEN!!!” With a hashtag, “#saynotocyberbullying”


An Instagram user shares her encounter with the flawed physical beauty after the birth of her first child and how Nadia gave her strength. Have a look.

To which Nadia writes, “I’m so happy to have given power to the ones who truly felt depressed about their looks!!! Yes, looks are only ONE PART of our beauty but actual beauty is what we are made of in terms of intellect, hard work, personality and above all a positive attitude!!!” She discusses her experiences as the fashion mogul, “Having been in the beauty industry for almost 2 decades, I can truly say that I’ve seen BEAUTIFUL stars rise and fall, but what has remained in people’s minds are only their inner aura!!! There are no beauty standards!!! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!” She further encourages the user saying, “Be true to yourself!! ???? this does not mean in any way that I’m going against the use of filters or makeup or whatever!! It’s only a small msg to people that yes we are all humans with flaws!! It’s OK to live with it and be powerful!!!”

Way to go Nadia! We adore you for your inspirational comments, encouraging ample people to believe in themselves!

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