Tamasha trends on Twitter, fans pray for Umer Aalam to somehow come back

There was an eerie silence in Tamasha Ghar yesterday. The strongest of people in the house cried as they saw their buddies walk out of the house. Humaira Ali, Nouman Javed, and Umer Aalam were the contestants to leave the house. However, Humaira came back after a while.

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Aadi Adeal Amjad, Mareeha Safdar, Rauf Lala, and Saeeda Imtiaz shed tears for Umer but he did not come back. #TamashaGhar was trending in Pakistan on Twitter last night. A glimpse on the tweets delineated a huge number of people not only enjoying the show but also rooting for their favorite contestants to win. Many people are tweeting in support of Umer.


A few also tweeted about the bond Umer, Aadi, and Mareeha share. Let’s have a look at a few fan edits.

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