Ghayal – Will Tooba Ever Find Her True Happiness?

Another episode of Ghayal lets you know how terrific it’s getting by each passing week. The previous episode cleared how Tooba really cares about her father and his ignorance only kills her deep inside. The entire confession leaves her father drowning in tears. Tooba however, wants to die solely because she can’t survive without the love of her father. The entire scene  certainly left us emotional.

On the other hand Moiz apologizes to Mahira that her hurt Tooba so much but she clearly refuses to forgive him and tells him that he’s not the man she ever thought he was.

Furthermore, Tooba’s dad hugs her and she apologizes to her for what happened to her. The intensity of this certain part was enough to bring tears to our eyes. No doubt Ghayal only gets better and lets the audience know how important daughters are to parents no matter what.

Tooba and her family moves to Karachi in order to forget the past, and Moiz decides that he has to be with Tooba, he loves her and now regrets the decision he made in hassle. Mahira and Faiz’s relationship is facing countless problems as Mahira is always concerned about her family. Do you think a daughter should not worry about her family? It’s obvious she has to care.

However, it’s no doubt that Faiz really loves his wife and she understands that. Faiz and his family move back to U.S.A as he can’t find any job here in Pakistan, is it just a thought or will it actually happen? Will Mahira ever be able to have that bond with her family if her husband continues to be a pain occasionally? How will Tooba now face the world which is full of men?

Kill your curiosity and find out all the answers in the next episode of Ghayal only on Thursdays at 8.00PM only on ARY Digital.





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