Kuch Ankhi’s brave and apt storytelling strikes a chord with audiences

Sure, this episode of Kuch Ankahi had Samiya’s shaadi in it, but that was just a part of it. The entire episode was much more than two people unwillingly marrying for the sake of their parents.

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It all starts with Salman’s mother asking him to bring some life to the “Shaadi ka Ghar” and hence the beautiful dholki fell into place with Agha Jee singing “Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen” and everyone joining in.

Salman, on his persuasion spree, asks Aaliya to come out of the room, threatening to come inside if she does not. However, later apologizes for coming into the room and not getting away with it.

The most powerful scene of the entire episode is Phuppo’s insistence to not cut any clause in the Nikkah Naama. Upon resistance from the groom’s mother and the Qazi, she explains the clauses of alimony, custody of children, and the right to come out of the marriage should not be cut because they are provided to the bride by law and the religion. Agha Jee also agrees with his sister.

People are taking to social media to laud how impactfully the writer and director have subtly put out the message without being preachy or offensive.

Salman’s character is constructed in a way that you cannot help falling in love with his humility, empathy, and softness, and of course, the credit goes to his mother for raising him to be so altruistic. Apart from his participation in Samiya’s wedding, his tears in the Nikkah scene delineate how important and normal it is, for a man to feel and cry.

Just like the majority of us after an event, Taniya sits in bed with a plate of biryani when Aaliya jokingly asks “How much more are you going to eat?” The former explains how her mother and all the aunties made her feel uncomfortable during the entire event, so much so that she could not eat properly. However, she reaffirms her belief that no matter what, she is content and better than others.


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And then comes Aaliya and Salman, the perfect couple with gorgeous chemistry and people are already shipping them. From Salman throwing some flowers to Aaliya blushing when Taniya asks her about him, we all secretly want them to be together.

However, there is a little twist, perhaps trouble in the paradise of Aaliya and Salman. Sehrish’s brother and rival, Asfar just has his first encounter with Aaliya and it is certainly not pleasant for either of them. Asfar asks a guy to bring him every piece of information about Aaliya.

How do you think will Kuch Ankahi unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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