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Saad does irreversible damage to his wedding in ‘Ghalati’

Do Bol was a huge success, and entertainment aficionados were over the moon when they came to know of the return of Do Bol lovebirds, Affan Waheed, and Hira Mani in a drama called Ghalati. When the teasers came out, it looked like a drama…

Ghalati | From love to remorse

The Most Romantic Jodi of Do Bol is Back in a new intense drama, Ghalati. Sometimes we take some actions in anger that we tend to regret them later on. Ghalati highlights the irreversible actions made repeatedly in anger by the main…

Aiman is finally happy in Bhool

People look forward to Wednesdays because of the drama serial, Bhool that has garnered immaculate praise and success for all the right reasons. It depicts the very reality of the unpredictability of life and people in it.

Bhool is a mistake which affects many lives!

Our society neither forgives nor forgets because we live in a society in which mistakes made by women are never forgotten or forgiven. Bhool revolves around this harsh fact of our society.

Do Bol receives infinite love from Pakistan and India alike!

After a plethora of immensely flamboyant dramas, ARY Digital has just brought yet another visual delight for its viewers and it looks like a drama that will transcend the prior set boundaries setting new milestones in the entertainment…

Do Bol | A journey from apathy to infinite love

'Do Bol' is the story of two individuals from different backgrounds who became victims of their circumstances and are destined to spend their whole lives with each other. Related: Do Bol’s OST is heartbreaking yet captivating Hira…
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