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SherDil running to packed houses across the country 

Ever since the release of its teaser, people kind of anticipated the success of SherDil. Then came its power-packed trailer that just reaffirmed its success with impressive dogfights and exceptional script.

Armeena Khan To Visit Syria To Distribute Zakaat

Armeena Rana Khan is known for her extensive philanthropic work and for standing up and raising her voice for abundant social issues happening within Pakistan and in the world at large. She has told her fans that she will distribute…

First Episode Has Totally Excites Us All

So the drama is officially shared on screen, as "Rasm-e-Dunya" has fantastically set its plot on viewer's mind , the creation written by Imran Nazir and Directed by Roomi Insha  has beautifully illustrated the first episode where we can get…

Rasm-e-Duniya – ARY Digital Exclusive Drama

Love makes one do crazy things and eventually the fire can engulf the proposition of a happy ending life. Linking the statement ARY Digital presents another brand new drama serial "Rasm-e-Duniya" The summary of the serial…
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