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Balma Bhagora will get you grooving!

Hip hop song Balma Bhagora has just been released today and it comprises of just the right amount of oomph and energy to make your Sunday, a legit fun-day.

Behka Na will bring tears of joy in your eyes

People were hooked to the upcoming flick Parey Hut Love's Ik Pal when suddenly the entire music album of the movie got released with the release of the second video song of the movie.

Allahyar And The Legend Of Markhor Wins Big at IFF 2018

Earlier this year, 3rd World Studios released an animated visual delight under the banner of ARY Films entitled 'Allahyar and the legend of Markhor' amid an abundance of praise. The flick accumulated exceptional positive feedback rather…

Hareem Meeting Trudeau Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day!

Having garnered utmost fame with her stellar performance in Anwar Maqsood's 'Pawnay 14 August', Hareem Farooq went on to become one of the immensely loved actresses of Pakistan. She has co-produced the blockbuster, 'Janaan' under the banner…

There’s No Stopping ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’!

'Punjab Nahi Jaungi' has garnered infinite fame for its adroit ensemble cast and flamboyant script, winning four prestigious national awards. Leaving behind female actors like Humaima Malick and Zhalay Sarhadi, Urwa Hocane has had bagged…
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