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Chup Raho Rameen!

Keeping quiet to save our family’s life is a good deed but when the family does not understand the silence that just gets off limits to anything. ‘Chup Raho’ is a story about the sister-in-law who is a victim from her own brother-in-law.…

Numair is teasing Rameen in ‘Chup Raho’

Our relatives are always someone that an individual is comfortable with but Numair made it difficult for Rameen. Numair is Rameen’s brother-in-law and due to Numair’s interest in young girls he created a fear in Rameen’s life. He forcibly…

‘Chup Raho’: Not the typical story

Watch the episode yourself and see what happens to Rameen in 'Chup Raho' if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here. .wp-about-author-containter-around { display:none; }

Chup Raho

Drama Plot: Evil lurks around every corner often under the disguise of someone who we trust and respect. ‘Chup Raho’ follows the story of a young woman, who is subjected to harsh and cruel abuse. Violated and pillaged by her own brother…
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