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Kinza Hashmi

These Pakistanis made it to Eastern Eye 30 under 30

Known as Britain's "most respected Asian weekly newspaper", Eastern Eye has published a list of "Top 30 under 30 Asians from the world of entertainment. Regarded as British Asians' authentic voice, the publication mentioned these…

Azmaish | The tale of an unwanted step-daughter/step-sister

Azmaish is a story of two sisters and their step-sister. It depicts how the step-sister is being treated badly. Tufail marries Almas after the demise of his first wife to look after his two pampered daughters Shiza and Samreen. Almas’…

Gul o Gulzar | Enviousness over friendliness

True friendship is a blessing. Gul-o-Gulzar is a story of two friends who are very close to each other. But unfortunately, Gul’s envious nature destroys their bond completely.

Moray Saiyaan – Exclusive ARY Digital Drama

Drama Plot : There is probably no one on earth who wouldn't want the absolute amazing feeling of falling in love.  Love make us feel completely alive, your emotions are magnified, and each day is nothing but a new source of happiness.…
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