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“Mere Humnawa” Bids Farewell

Drama serial "Mere Humnawa" has finally ended leaving an influence as the state of affairs that has been projected are real life situations.  Ahmed has taken away his son from Zaib's mother infact Zaib's mother has herself handed over the…

Ghayal – The Last Breath Of Agony!

The fire of obsession and extreme possessiveness turned into cheap thrills and eventually ended to take one's life in this fire for eternity. Drama serial "Ghayal" is one of the play that illustrates the same; the serial is written by…

Betrayal ends with Happiness

Watch the last episode to see how the trio love story ended. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here. What lesson did you learn from 'Bay Emaan Mohabbat'?

Meri Beti

The End of Play The last episode of Meri Beti has wrapped up the story nicely. Finally, the dispute between Iraj and Saba has been settled down. Saba went back to her home. When Faisal has asked Iraj to stay with us for a…
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