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SherDil running to packed houses across the country 

Ever since the release of its teaser, people kind of anticipated the success of SherDil. Then came its power-packed trailer that just reaffirmed its success with impressive dogfights and exceptional script.

Khasara Comes To A Point Of The Ultimate ‘Khasara’!

Khasara happens to be one of those dramas that grab the total attention of their spectators from the first scene until the last episode. Having a flamboyant cast, Khasara is the perfect amalgam of happiness, excitement, love, sorrow,…

Celebrities who are amazing singers too!

Pakistani entertainment industry is full of versatile celebrities. Most of our stars do not just stick to one thing only but they keep on trying different roles to challenge their talent. Besides being great actors few of our celebs also…

Mikaal Zulfiqar Ends The 6 Years of Marriage

Started off with the career of modeling , the young lad in 2000, Mikaal gained a lot of fame in such a short span of time that made him a total Casanova , Moving on in drama industry Mikaal embed his name of popularity in movie industry by…
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