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SherDil running to packed houses across the country 

Ever since the release of its teaser, people kind of anticipated the success of SherDil. Then came its power-packed trailer that just reaffirmed its success with impressive dogfights and exceptional script.

Jalaibee’s US, UK release schedule out!

Jalaibee’s release schedule for US and UK is out for all to see! The awaited moment is almost near, for all those who are aspiring to see the movie Jalaibee. The official Facebook page of Jalaibee outed the schedule for the movie’s…

Jalaibee all set to impress audience nationwide!

  Yasir Jaswal, who directed Jalaibee is gearing momentum as the days nearby and the hype surrounding the film seems to grow each day. The action packed movie has intrigued viewers to no end, who just can’t wait to grab…
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