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Zunaira is about to win the game in Amanat. Will she?

Zarrar and Meher are not together anymore and neither are Zunaira and Junaid, in Amanat. Zunaira is finally achieving what she had been scheming ever since she saw Zarrar claiming Mehar as his wife in front of her uncle. Zarrar not only…

Amanat | When love changes into vengeance

Amanat is a story based on values and principles. Zarar is caretaking his friends’ wife upon his request. In the wake of his sudden death, Zarar is left with no choice but to marry her to provide shelter and security. However, Zarar’s love…

Aiman is finally happy in Bhool

People look forward to Wednesdays because of the drama serial, Bhool that has garnered immaculate praise and success for all the right reasons. It depicts the very reality of the unpredictability of life and people in it.

Gul o Gulzar | Enviousness over friendliness

True friendship is a blessing. Gul-o-Gulzar is a story of two friends who are very close to each other. But unfortunately, Gul’s envious nature destroys their bond completely.

Bhool is a mistake which affects many lives!

Our society neither forgives nor forgets because we live in a society in which mistakes made by women are never forgotten or forgiven. Bhool revolves around this harsh fact of our society.

Savera Nadeem – The leading lady in Meraas!

3 episodes into Meraas and we see Jiya (Saboor Ali) as an innocent girl, Haris (Mohsin Abbas) as a man who dreams of going to London and (Jehan Aara begum)Savera nadeem as the leading lady who emerges as the queen of the house. Savera's…


"Mubarak ho Beti Hui Hai" ended leaving everyone impressed and puzzled at the same time. The drama during its small run left a number of parents with questions about how they treat their daughters. "Mubarak ho Beti Hui hai" was a roller…


What goes around comes around, finally, the darkness of sorrows starts to vanish away from Naheed’s life. The table has turned, everything started getting Naheed and her daughters' favour.  Amber who stepped in her father’s house as…

Waada – Shahab Is Stuck In A Whirl Of Uncertainty

You must have watched the episode of this heart touching and striking drama serial "Waada" written by Samina Ejaz and directed by Syed Atif Hussain . The episode has left us in tears as the situation and circumstances  flowing against…
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