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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

Log Kya Kahenge | The potpourri of emotions

Log Kya Kahenge is the moving story of a loving family who faces the worst reality of life when their father commits suicide, not realizing how his wife and children will survive. Meerab and Haseeb and their two kids are a happy family.…

Bhool is a mistake which affects many lives!

Our society neither forgives nor forgets because we live in a society in which mistakes made by women are never forgotten or forgiven. Bhool revolves around this harsh fact of our society.

A roundup on the recent Pakistani celebrities weddings!

The wedding season has just started and with its start we have already witnessed weddings of our most beloved celebrities. Here's a colourful sneak peek into few of the celebrities weddings. Hammad and Faraz Farooqui:…

Wedding Bells for Saheefa Jabbar!

Saheefa Jabbar one of the talented and versatile model's of the industry was previously bashed for getting a pixie cut, an eccentric hairstyle for Pakistani society judged by the society itself. Saheefa fought back to all these negative…
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