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Shaniera Akram

My love for this country is great: Shaniera Akram

Philanthropist and activist Shaniera Akram is known for her efforts for humanity and advocacy for gender equality. She has been vocal on various social issues time and again and has a strong stance against terrorism of all kinds.

Shaniera Akram’s Birthday Party Was Literally Lit!

Our favorite, Swing ka Sultan has now proven to be the epitome of an all-rounder. Akram, known for his subtle mastery in making sure that the ball he throws hit the wicket under all circumstances, has displayed what a great of a Sultan he…

Shaniera and Wasim breaking barriers of cuteness

With all her cute tweets and patriotic Instagram posts, philanthropist and social worker, Shaniera Akram happen to be the favorite national Bhabi Pakistan ever experienced. Having garnered utter love from her fans and from her husband's,…

 Times Shaniera Akram proved to be our perfect Bhaabi.

Born in Australia, the social worker, and philanthropist, Shaniera Akram is adored by a vast Pakistani populace today, so much so that she has been proclaimed as ‘Bhaabi’ by the entire nation. After marrying the legendary cricketer,…
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