Women’s day 2023: The characters that redefined the women on-screen

Bold, brave, courageous, resilient, hardworking, and educated; anything but weak!

Be it the courageous Aliya, the fearless Rania, or even the independent Samia, the list of our on-screen characters who impacted a change in, at least one girl’s life is never-ending.

Surely the dramas are for entertainment, but these are the characters who aspired thousands of girls to take control of their life in their hand and steer it in the direction of success independently.

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Rania from ‘Sar-e-Rah’

It would be unfair to not place the unbeatable Rania atop the list of inspiring women on screen. The girl defied all the social norms and even silently answered all the ‘Log Kya Kahengy?’ just by driving the old-school taxi of his father to make ends meet.

‘Kuch Ankahi’ sisters

Aliya with her ‘mardon wala kaam’ is definitely opening doors for many girls in unconventional professions, and Tania not giving in to the social pressure to lose weight and look a certain way, has our hearts.

The Nigar Johar

A huge round of applause to the first and only female lieutenant general of the Pakistan army, Nigar Johar, and another applause for Mahira Khan for her beautiful portrayal of the icon for the inspiring story to reach the masses.

Steadfast Maya from ‘Fraud’

The determined, resilient and opinionated Maya from one of the recent hits ‘Fraud’ deserves all the appreciation for being the son that her father never had.

Women of ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’

Coming from diverse backgrounds and regions, all the six fearless and courageous lady cadets of the Pak Army were truly the women of steel.

Samia of ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’

The main protagonist Samia of ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’ was the true epitome of endless strength, after her three failed marriages and another heartbreak.

Zubeida and Khadija – the resilient mothers

Zubeida and Khadija from the drama serials ‘Pardes’ and ‘Pinjra’ respectively, proved as a source of inspiration for the mothers especially, rather than young girls, as in the other cases. The strength of both these women truly set a precedent for moms on screen.


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Other notable characters that the dramas have given us over the years include the brave women of ‘Aakhri Station’, the strong-headed Shanzay of ‘Ghalati’, the outspoken Mishal Tahir Malik of ‘Besharam’, the hardworking Ayesha of ‘Habs’ and the educated Ayera of ‘Khudgarz’.

‘Kuch Ankahi’ is defying social stereotypes and how!

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