10 Animated movies that will be your ultimate getaway this year

For all the movies buffs – a night with a brand new movie is no less than a paradise, kicking back with snacks and a Coke is plain heaven. Above all that, watching a movie on big screen adds another cherry on top, most of us usually end up being broke as we LOVE watching the latest films on the big screen with our caramel popcorn and iced tea.

2017 has come with a bang, these animated movies are going to be your perfect getaway from a long day at work or nagging khandaan ke log so you shouldn’t miss out on them. Who is to say that animated movies are solely for children? If you wish to enjoy some quality time with either friends or family, keep an eye out for these films and note down that you will be having constant laughing fits!

1.Boss Baby:

2.The Lego Batman Movie:

3.Smurfs: The Lost Village:

4.Cars 3:

5. Despicable Me 3:


7.The Emoji Movie:

8.Blazing Samurai:

9.The Croods 2:

10.Monster Trucks:

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