10 Classy hair styles for men

Pompadour:  That James Dean and Johnny Cash look in 50s and 60s era , the style enhances the personality and makes fellows rebel without a cause. A hold back look will add more subtleness to the personality.


Classic Undercut : The trim sided and gelled hairdo relatively looks chic and trendy , for those who are much conservative and ought not to experiment with their hair are welcome to embrace this classic undercut look.


Disconnected Undercut: It is a contrast of thick hair on the top of the head while the rest of the amount of hair are chopped. It usually looks good with the side partings to handle the thickness properly.


Layered undercut : Messy look and something fun to be played with, for the new followers the style should be tried with short layers first and so on will be much suitable with long layers aswell.


Slicked Back Undercut: The major proportion of hair is left with the shaved head , It looks very fashionably good. Slicked back and often wearing side swept hair brings the vibrant personality.


Forward-Swept Undercut: Looks good on fresh and dry hair texture , and brings back the men fringes in 2017 again, hair goals can tell that this hair style is fresh and vibrant amongst all.


Top Knot Undercut: In sequel to the disconnected undercut the top knot can actually be the remedy of those unusual lengthen hair that can be tied up and looks more modern.


Long Undercut:  A nice juxtaposition of long and short hair and looks very unique , however the longer part can be scrunched up with an effect of beach wavy and is real eye catching.


Side Swept Undercut: The heavy amount of hair proportions may work fine and looks terrific on square shaped faces usually.


Puffy Undercut: Gentlemen with curled textured hair will have the style easy to be set for hours as the puffy quiff makes the cut more trendy and fashionable. The look is entirely casual and can be worn with beard.

Young hipster guy with glasses at the beach

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