10 Designers Who Will Put A Stop To Your Bridal Dress Hunt

A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for women, it reflects the personality and style of the bride. Every girl has a certain idea of flaunting her beauty on her wedding day, some want to look like a princess and others want to be a queen on their wedding. Dress, make up, jewelry and absolutely every tiny detail should be on point and the bride has to look flawless.

Picking up the correct wedding dress can sometimes be the biggest obstacle for your sanity, because who are we kidding? It won’t take long for a bride to turn into a bridezilla – if everything she needs isn’t up to the mark. So we decided to pitch in some ideas for all the women out there who are hunting for that ideal bridal dress – December is just around the corner and that is the wedding season isn’t it?

Zara Shahjahan :

A Zara Shahjahan bride is always a special one. #zarashahjahan #heritage #tradition #bridal

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While talking about looking like a princess, this bridal dress is the perfect fit! The blend of silver and pink can never go wrong.  It’s just about how you play with those colors and Zara Shahjahan aced that.

Shehla Chatoor :

The shades of peach make everything so pretty – whether for your valima, nikkah or engagement. Dress like this will probably give you that certain oomph that you need. No surprise that Shehla spins her wand of creativity and creates a magic in her work!

Zainab Chhotani : 

Though this isn’t a bridal dress, we assumed you’d want to be aware of her intricate work. Why not give this a shot on your sister’s dholki or your best friends baat pakki?

Tena Durrani :

You can’t deny how marvellous her work is, and the woman does wonders. If a bride by Tena Durrani steps in a room she automatically lights it up.

The House Of Kamiar Rokni :

Yet another bridal dress by another extremely talented designer, the combination of mint green and red would just add that flair to an entire outlook that a bride needs! Kamiar Rokni is a renowned designer who has made waves in this industry with some of his phenomenal work.

Sania Maskatiya :

If you intend to look like a queen, then a dull gold will make that wish come true. Sania Maskatiya is probably one of the most versatile designers in our industry. Convinced yet?

Farah Talib Aziz :

The next time you’re looking for a mehndi jora, this Rajasthani look will add that style to your entire outlook and that’s how you get that limelight you wanted! Aren’t you glad you have such amazing talent around you?

Faraz Manan :

Manan’s aesthetic of ethereal bridals, worked in pastel shades, silver and gold embroidery and bling-heavy crystals, does well across the border and in other countries because it’s a departure from the riot of colors and vibrant motifs sub-continental designers are known for. If you’re still confused about your big day, he’s your saviour.

Elan :

Khadija Shah’s work can be traditional, modern, heavily worked or lightly embellished. The pattern, motifs and prints that Elan creates are enough to make anyone fall in love with them.

Sana Safinaz :

It’s been more then 25 years since Sana Safinaz was established, the two sisters have always gone an extra mile with their work and the hard work paid off well! This gorgeous blood red bridal is precisely what you need on your special night.


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