10 Gifs That Speak Your Heart

Have you ever heard the song ‘heart wants what it wants’ by Selena Gomez? Well, honestly while browsing through few of these Gifs, the first song that popped up in our head was this. We have never come across people who would say they don’t love food, or they would give up sleep willingly. So let us break it down for you and enlighten you about the fact that you will believe us when we tell you that these Gifs fit perfect on absolutely everyone out there and trust us – your heart wants all of this!

1. Love For T.V 

The perfect way to spend your lazy Saturday nights is when you glue yourself to your TV screens and finish another episode of your favorite TV show. Did someone say Game of Thrones? Yes, please!

2. High Speed Internet 

If someone doesn’t know the level of high stress just lock them up in a room with a high speed internet and 5% battery life on their phone. They’ll know stress!

3. Travel 

All of us has a wanderlust inside us trying so hard to get out. If it weren’t the money or commitments none of us would ever sit at one place. Paris, London or Venice – the ideal break that all of us need is to catch a flight and leave!

4. Food all the way 

Next time if someone asks you if you’re single, just bluntly tell them how you’re in a relationship with food. So in short, you can’t buy happiness but you certainly can spend money on ice cream and that’s kind of the same thing. No?

5. Coffee 

What gets you started? Coffee! This happiness in a mug gets you through those hard days at work, raise hands if you second us.

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6. Music and headphones 

Headphones on. World off. Thank you headphones that you help us ignore all the annoying people around us.

7. Endless sleep

Love? No. We want sleep! The best feeling is when at the end of the long exhausting day, you have a date with your bed.

8. Money 

Money is obviously a luxury, but here we are with our wallets shedding tears! It’s never enough is it?

9. Shop till drop

Every day you wake up and you go like ‘ man I have nothing to wear,’ that’s the worst feeling no? Shopping makes everything fall right into place, doesn’t it?

10. Oh well, we’re still okay!

Ultimately, all of us want above things. One thing or the other – we can’t deny we need them. However, we’ll get there if we aren’t yet – but for now, things aren’t too bad either.


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