10 Reasons why Bilal Ashraf will be your new crush

Everyone has their favorite actor or actress, and there is always a list of reasons why they love him or her. Maybe it is because they’re simply just great at acting – their movies or television shows are always a hit. Or they possibly have other amazing qualities, like donating to charity or being incredibly good looking. And of course everyone’s reasoning is different. Well, here are 10 reasons why everyone can fall in love with the Janaan lead – Bilal Ashraf.

1.His dimples make your heart skip a beat. 

2.Well, those muscles speak for themselves. Sigh*.

3. He can pull off any costume. 

Getting Ready for Yalghaar!!! #ashrafbilal #bilalashraf #yalghaar #pakarmy

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4.That bad boy look can make you week in the knees. 

#yalghaar first look. Facebook.com/yalghaar #ashrafbilal #bilalashrafofficial #BilalAshraf

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5. The man can practically stop the time when he’s up on the ramp.

6. He’s goofy. Period.

He really is.. 

7. He’s a cutie. YES!

8.He even looks downright stunning in an ethnic look.


Another one from the Hello Pakistan August Issue!!!

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9. Who wouldn’t want to ride with him on that heavy bike? I mean come on!

10. And he’s a patriot. Dil Dil Pakistan!

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