10 Reasons why we hate winters in Karachi

The arrival of winters mark the major cravings of hot chocolate with marshmallows and coffee, the cold makes it impossible to drag ourselves out of bed. Us Karachi-ites are not all that used to of major cold and non stop rain which  makes it unbearable to get through the day. However, there are people who are die hard fans of winter, and others not so much (I being in the category of those others)

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Scroll down to check out why some of us are not in love with this too much sardi 

1.Cold hands and feet :

It’s no surprise that just after you step out of shower or even wash hands, a major ‘ice hit’ kind of feeling rises and all of it is numb. Sigh*

2.That feeling when you sit on a cold toilet seat 

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Oh those dreadful nights when you get out of that cozy blanket only to pee.

3. Waking up in the middle of the night because you’re cold


The constant change of side and then you cave

4.Those six layers of sweaters which make you look like Big Hero 6!

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All the amma’s going ‘ek aur sweater pehen lo beta’

5. That major cold breeze that makes you go “Oh God!’

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Just when you step out of your car, that woosh of wind hits your face and you realize, today will be cold.

6.The flu, cough and everything that comes with the weather. 

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I’m not sick you’re sick!

7.It’s impossible to wake up 

Why why why!

8.The rare times when it rains and the entire Karachi practically drowns in mud, electricity shuts down, and there’s a pool for you to sail a boat on. 

rain jane raining tarzan

And when absolutely everyone begins to make snap stories, update tweets and Instagrams.

9.The dry skin that forces you to shower in moisturizer. 

Chapped lips, itchy scalp and skin breakouts are literally another gift from winters.

10. Zero motivation of eating healthy, hanging with friends or working out

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What could be better then napping and watching movies?



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