Naimat – Will Baber Divorce Sara?

The life of a married couple is all about love, compromise and a promise to stay happy together. But when reality strikes things tend to get out of your hand. The tragedy Sara and Baber is a lot like a string that was stretched enough, it broke.

When Baber goes ahead and begins his ‘extra marital’ affair with his friend Zara, this broken marriage leaves no hope of getting back together. Reason for all this? The negligence of his own wife due to her extra concern towards her sick son. Aren’t all mothers supposed to love and cherish their child? Naimat clearly shows how a husband can go beyond limits just to find his happiness, even if that puts the joy of others at stake.



Baber who is in love with his Zara wants to marry her, and the whole thing will take place only if he divorces Sara. How selfish can a man be? You must watch Naimat to find that out.

Do you think neglecting your sick child and blaming it on your wife that your child was even born this way is the correct thing to do? Does Baber have a right to go ahead and divorce his first wife only gain his selfish happy ending? What does he think will happen to his one and only son who suffers from a heart disease?

To find out all the answers you must watch Naimat, a show that touches our hearts, yet brings out hatred for a selfish man, only on ARY Digital on Monday at 8:00 PM.


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