14 Thoughts you have while putting on make up

Most of us here are complete make up addicts who opt for the PERFECT look when heading out, ever heard the phrase ‘wake up and make up?’ Well, keeping our love for the cosmetics aside – none of us can deny how most women struggle with having equal eye liners and contour.

Give this a read and you’ll know exactly what we’re referring to.

1.OK I literally have seven minutes before I have to leave the house, let’s make this quick.


2. I didn’t even know you could GET hair on your cheeks. 

3.Does primer really matter?

4. I’ve actually been pretty pleased since I switched to BB cream.

5.Shit, my eyebrows look bad. Why do i make that face? 

6.Need more blending. We’re blending and blending and blending, this is the most I’ve worked out this week!

7.Do I need to contour?

8.I really should clean my make up brushes man!


9.Oh make up Gods, please give me the strength to make my eye liners match.

10.Red lipstick or a nude one? Maybe pink. Where is my shade! 


11.Okay that’s too much blush..

12.There’s no such thing as too much highlighter.. hello sparkly!


13.Not too bad huh? Or is that too much face powder? Errgg!

14. Never mind, guess i’ll just go natural.






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