14th Anniversay of ARY Digital Network

14th Anniversay of ARY Network

Pakistani channels have always been here for the Pakistani viewers, in order to provide a platform of their own. Among many of the local channels we have the most prestigious ARY Digital Network, which has different channels like ARY Digital, ARY News, ARY Zindagi, ARY QTV, ARY Musik, ARY Films and since its evolution it has been catering the needs of the viewers not just within the country, but across the borders as well.

ARY Digital Network has an entertainment channel with the name on ARY Digital simultaneously there is ARY News which brings in all sorts of news and current affairs programs. ARY Zindagi is the network’s latest venture which also broadcasts entertainment content, yet a bit different from the what is aired on ARY Digital.

ARY Musik gave the platform to all the youngsters to express themselves whereas QTV was introduced to educate the people about Islamic teachings, in order to help viewers lead a life balanced in worldly as well as religious aspects.

14th Anniversay of ARY Network

Today the ARY Digital Network is celebrating its 14th anniversary and there are many people behind this success, on 16th September 2014, Nida Yasir during the morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ brought into the lime light all the people who had put great efforts in bringing the network up to this glory. Nida Yasir introduced Anwar Maqsood who has been with the team from the scratch and didn’t charge a single penny during the first 9 years. He is very dedicated to the network and enjoys being there.


The ARY Digital’s dramas have really been famous among the viewers and the two prominent ones are ‘Bulbulay’ and ‘Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa’ of comedy genre and the same actor Hina Dilpazer played key roles in both the ventures. Dilpazer started off her career with ARY Digital from the play ‘Burns Road Ki Neelofar’ and became Momo from the current drama ‘Bulbulay’. She appeared in almost 22 different get-ups in ‘Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa’ which was loved by all her fans but the drama got discontinued and the actor is not very happy about it.

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa

ARY Network is also seen across the borders and the main reason to launch it was to let the people remain in touch with their national language and to enjoy their own traditional shows. In the morning show we were introduced with the people who acted as pillars for ARY Digital Network, Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob, the founder, Jan Mohammad is the group chairman of ARY, Mohammad Iqbal is the chairman, Haji Abdul Rauf is the Vice chairman, Salman Iqbal is the president of ARY Network, Jerjees Seja who is also known as JJ is the CEO ARY Digital Network.

14th Anniversay of ARY Network

Many people have been working in this platform but Javed Sheikh and Humayun Saeed were called over at the show because Humayun has been producing many of the dramas for ARY Digital and has been a long time affiliate.

There are four brothers who have dedicated there life to this network the elder brother Abdul Rauf, Abdul Razzak, Haji Iqbal and Haji Abdul Rauf respectively. They have been here all the time and put in their countless efforts in bringing the network to its present stage. The founder, Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob passed away on 21st February 2014 and it was a very saddening moment but after that the brothers continued the ventures and the network continues to hold some of the most watched channels of the country.

14 Years of Excellence! 
Thank You from ARY Digital Network for your immense love and support!

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