5 Times Besharam Broke Stereotypes

The most loved show has finally come to an end and no doubt it was terrific, Besharam consisted of great plot and an even better acting. The drama serial really captivated the audience and made it certain that they are hooked to the screen.

We decided to come up with few reasons why one can fall in love with Besharam. Have a look.

1. Being career oriented isn’t a bad thing for women :

Be sharam

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Mishi was a woman who made her own set of laws, followed her own directions which turned out to be fruitful for her. Unfortunately – in our society women are pushed down or discouraged if they wish to pursue their dreams, but Besharam showed how a woman can achieve beyond her expectations if she puts her mind in it – and there’s nothing she can’t do.

2. If you wish to change something – step up :

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The show portrayed how Haider Bakht craved a better place for people to live in, although he quit his party at the end, he made countless efforts solely to have an improved living environment for people. On top of that Haider realized how awful Asfand was and he certainly will be no good to the people. He did them a favor.

3. Changing for the one you love results in peace of mind :

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Though Mishi lived a lavish life, she quit all of it solely for Haider. Her love for him was pure and she proved it! Her life was no bed of roses after her she tied the knot with someone who was entirely opposite to her in terms of status, but she left her modeling career, since she knew that Haider was the most cherished prized possession she could ever achieve.

4. Don’t drag others in your problems :


Once Mishi and Haider drifted apart she made it certain that her brother’s life stayed smooth. Hamna and Manaan remained a couple knowing how that would affect Mishi if she left Haider. That too proved how much Manaan loved Hamna.

5. Stand up for what you believe is right :

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Mishi was aware of the fact that Haider is the cause of her heartache but unlike any ghareloo larki who would’ve compromised on her happiness and stayed with such man – she left. That’s exactly what we need, stand up for what you believe is wrong.

Besharam is the show which proves how women in our society are judged based on their preferences of career. If you’re model you’re automatically labeled as besharam. A woman can be many things. If she’s bold that doesn’t confirm that her character is flawed. The problem of our society is that we judge too quickly, people who despised Mishi for being bold never accepted her as the compromising ideal wife who changed for her husband. Guess what? It’s about time we all change our perspectives.

Watch this phenomenal show all over again or if you have missed it then it’s about time you sit back and enjoy Besharam!

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