5 Wardrobe essentials that you can’t miss

For all the shopaholics out there – a pair of new shoes to put on is like a box of chocolate for a 5-year-old child who is eager to open it up, and gobble it down. The arrival of New Year calls for some new clothes. I mean who wouldn’t want to crank their wardrobe up a notch? All of us opt to stay updated with the latest trends, but sadly they only stay ‘in style’ for a year or so and then fall prey to outdated version of clothes. This year let’s try and create smart core wardrobe with the basic of what we own.

Here are five wardrobe essentials that you must have:



A pair of some classic straight leg, ripped or boot cut jeans can no doubt complete your look. A perfect fit would add that oomph which you require, jeans can be paired up with a casual wife-beater or semi formal chiffon top, being your savior for work or a day out with your girls. It’s impossible to imagine life without a pair of some good quality jeans.



Not owning a white t-shirt is a fashion crime! Please buy a plain white tee and pair it up with jeans, or wear it under a kimono. Furthermore, the current trend of denim has everyone going gaga over it so grab your hands on one of those. On the other hand,  a button down shirt paired with dress pants is a formal look – meanwhile when the same top is paired with jeans, it’s your ideal ‘go to shopping’ day look. Buy some of these shirts and invest in yourself!



Decembers in Karachi are sadly not too winter-yyy, but that shouldn’t hinder you from flaunting  some trendy jackets, I mean who can deny that they are timeless? They keep you warm, they are stylish, plus if spent on a decent brand – they will last very long. Opt for neutral shades like black, navy blue or a gray and stick to fewer details – remember less is more. If you want to look chic and stylish altogether, then spending on an elegant blazer or jacket is highly recommended!



Flats, pumps, sneakers, loafers or high heels – paired up with correct attire, your shoes stand you out. Several colors and designs are available to pick from. If you decide to keep it casual, slip into flat pumps and if your hunt is for that formal mehendi look, then put on some high heels. A top notch quality shoe will assist you in flaunting that ‘style chameleon’ look.



Buy bags with neutral colors like cream, black, blue and white and use them with EVERYTHING, spend on some very good brands that will last long. I mean if you buy a good Charles and Keith bag, it might last longer than a regular non branded one.

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