6 Reasons Why We Only Fall In Love With Meesha Shafi

None of us are unaware of how quickly and amazingly our industry is flourishing, whether it’s the movies or music, dramas or actors. They all just come down under the category of phenomenal. However, besides some great actors there is one who’s a personal favorite. She’s an actor, a singer and no doubt a kick ass model/mom. The actress who has flaunted her nightingale voice in Coke Studio and who also showed some major acting skills in Bollywood movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Meesha Shafi can give the actress of Pakistan industry a run for their money, and she has no doubt those style skills that slay! Fashion sense? Check. Vocals? Check. Acting? Check. Downright gorgeous? Check, check, check! We can prove you that Meesha is no less than a style chameleon, but apart from that fact, we will also enlighten you about how funny and spontaneous this starlet is. Gear up all Meesha fans, because you’re about to be on a roller coaster that you will absolutely LOVE!

Her love for Coke is undying

Where on hand Meesha lent her vocals for Coke Studio recently, she had the love for Coke since she was just a toddler. Looks like some Zaalima did give her enough Coke. You can’t miss the love in her eyes in both the posts.

Me preparing for #cokestudio #zaalimababybaby #meeshashafiLIVE #TB

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on

Those goals!

The mother daughter goals that Meesha is setting for all of us are just a tad high than our standard ones.

The style icon really is obsessed with her mommy. If that’s not adorable for you, we don’t know what is.

She’s family oriented too!

This exceptional starlet is not just all about her career, she knows how to balance her priorities well, from the most to least important. Family does come first!

Blessed to call these two handsome men my own ?????? #familyfun

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on

Khushian ?? #eidmubarak ???? ???? credit- @farishafi

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on

Kazmanian ???? The handsomest. #lakelife #holidayTB #thegreatoutdoors #North

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on

She’s a fitness freak.

Another plus to the list of ‘why we love Meesha Shafi?’ is her passion for fitness. That hourglass body wasn’t just given her, she works hard for it and it pays off well.


Her sense of humor crack us up!

Check out her sense of humor peeps, gave us chuckles. Like hell.

Finally, we love her because Meesha is plain gorgeous!

The woman aces in everything she does. She’s going places for sure. We do love her to bits but there is no doubt that there is just a tiny bit of envious factor. Girls like us want to be as flawless as her too. Sigh.

And while she’s out there looking like a queen and being a style guru, here we are looking something like this.


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