7 Phases of Friday Feelings

What’s our favorite day of the week? Obviously the one where we get to sit back and have a date with Netflix or head out with a couple of friends and chill. Gear up for these Friday feels. All the people out there who are head over heels in love with this day can no doubt relate well enough.

Everyone’s been waiting for Friday since Monday. Even if you’re one of those odd people who actually likes their job, you’re feeling so delirious that you can barely type a coherent email. Freedom is calling, people.

So here’s that Friday feeling that all of you are aware of!

You get wake up easily because you know you won’t have to budge the next day.

You pretend to work, but actually you’re just waiting for the clock to strike 5.

You began to yawn and realize how tough this day is. It’s long too.

However, you can’t seem to quit thinking how terrific you’re weekend is going to be. TV.Food.PlayStation. Friends.Heaven.

The intake of Coffee is just immeasurable, you obviously can’t hold the excitement!

The efforts of getting the work done before 5 just makes you go like..

And then it’s finally time and you know you can’t be happier.You walk out proud!

Go forth, freedom beckons.





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