7 Ways to kick start your beauty routine

New year, new me – this certain phrase is stuck at the back of my head and i really can’t seem to brush it off. With another year down, all of us get older – and with older us, it’s pretty clear that our skin isn’t getting any younger correct? So began taking care of yourself!

1.Schedule monthly Mani Pedi’s

Your nails say a lot about you so please don’t forget to be on of those high maintenance girls and keep them updates! Book yourself a mani pedi session and get those hella good looking nails. A Plus? The massage is just soothing!

2.Workout Regularly:

Whether Pilates or yoga, go out and get yourself toned. I know it’s easier said than done, but come on you owe it to yourself. Flaunting those crop tops won’t be a problem anymore!

 3.Invest in some good quality scrubs

Exfoliate that dead skin away! Sugar or salt, make sure you scrub away that old skin. This will leave you feeling fresh, clean.


4.Moisturize frequently

In order to keep your skin youthful and like a million bucks, carry a moisturizer with you at all times! Seriously, be sure to use it.


5. Monthly trims are must

Make sure to chop off those split ends every month, because that will make your hair healthier, trim will also be the cause of fast hair growth.

6. Steam your face

Yes, as much as it’s a traditional trick – it does wonders. Steaming your face before going to bed will make your skin less prone to blackheads and dirt build up. Be sure to steam your face at least thrice a week. Once you’ve finished the steam, grab a hot towel and let it rest over your face for a minute or two.


7.Be bold with your make up 

Flaunt those glittery eye shadows and bold red lipstick. Go and extra mile and try something new, playing with those shades won’t harm you!







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