“Islam saved me from many falls”– A R Rehman

Allah Rakha Rehman, famously known as A R Rehman is an Academy Award-winning musician based in India. He has sung ample songs during his career and most of these songs have garnered immaculate laud for their unprecedented pitch, music, and the overall aura. He is known as ‘The Mozart of Madras’ for his unique compositions and his magical voice. He has composed abundant surreal songs like Dil Se Re, Jai Ho, Chaiyya Chaiyya, Patakha Guddi, Sadda Haq, amongst others.

Recently, in the launch of his biography entitled, “Notes of a Dream” written by the Indian author Krishna Trilok, the living legend has shed light on the effects and influence of Islam on his success, and on his life at large. He mentions many people asking him whether they will end up getting a similar fate if they embraced Islam. He says, “It is not about converting or not. It’s whether you find the spot, whether it presses that button in you. So for me the spiritual teachers, the Sufi teachers taught me and my mom things which are very special which in many faiths are there. So this is the faith that we took and we stand by it.”

“It saved me from many falls because between every prayer there is ‘Oh! I have to do the prayer so I can’t do this mischief’. So the evening prayer is gonna come so then I can’t do. So it covers you and a sense of peace comes in early morning…in other faiths too,” the Mozart of Madras talks at length about how has Islam influenced him to become a better human being by keeping him away from a plethora of sinful acts.

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The maestro also talks about his biography and the author. He tells, “’Notes of a Dream’ has been a journey for me that took me to those corners of my life which have remained candid for a long time. The insightful conversations with Krishna Trilok have unravelled parts of my creative and personal life which are not known to many.”

The living legend is truly an undisputed epitome of a faithful believer and a pure-hearted human being. More power to you A R Rehman!

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