Aap Ke Liye – Will Washma And Shaheer End Up Together?

Aap Ke Liye is drama serial that is filled with love, hatred, life and how they all interlink. Starting off with the carefree Washma who knows exactly how to live a life of to fullest. Living with her brother and sister in law, she in her own way lives like a princess. However on the other hand Shaheer lives a lavish life but has no peace of mind. His two sisters are yet another source of inconvenience for him, one being a spoiled rich girl and other a plotting evil sister.

Washma is an employee at Shaheer’s office and is constantly bothered by Imdaad (Shaheer’s brother in law). The life of these two people flips upside down when Shaheer gets a divorce just after three months of marriage, and Washma’s fiancé requests her to call off their engagement as he loved another.


It’s adds a lot of spice to the show when both of them react absolutely different to these news, Washma is ‘super chill’ and Shaheer however is drowning in tears. The funny thing is that we all expect them both to end up together and be a very cute couple.

Do you think Washma will be able to make Shaheer’s life a ride of fun roller coaster? Will they ever be together? What exactly did Shaheer’s sister plot against him? They say that you can’t forget your first love, will Shaheer be able to forget his first wife? So many questions haunt us all, and just to quench this thirst of curiosity we must know more!

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