Abdul Sattar Edhi – A Messiah Leaves Us All

On July 8th 2016, Pakistan lost yet another gem – a time of Eid where people are busy celebrating, the news shattered many hearts and left us in tears. We all are well aware that Abdul Sattar Edhi was one of the most renowned and noble personalities of Pakistan. He was born on 1st January 1928 in a little town of India called Bantva. Edhi was a very well known Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, ascetic, and humanitarian. He was the originator and head of the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan and helped countless people in need.

Pakistani celebrities took to twitter to mourn the death of legendary Edhi, we surely loved and cherished him from the core of our hearts.




 When nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he stated with the greatest of humility that he is a mere “faqeer” (beggar) and that the nomination has made him very happy. Edhi was by far the most selfless human being  Pakistan ever saw. There is indeed a lot that people around the world who can learn from this selfless man, a true hero for humanity – that is Abdul Sattar Edhi.

 Edhi sahab. Words can’t define a person of your stature. You’ll always be amongst us and so will your contribution to humanity. Pray for us.

It’s true that Edhi was a man who won many with his love and compassion, our heart sinks at the thought of losing such an outstanding personality. Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi’s spectacular and unbelievable achievements – The Edhi Foundation is one of the largest health and welfare system initiatives in any developing country.

We all pray that God grants him the highest place in paradise, Ameen.

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