Adawat | When revenge takes over everything

Sometimes when you don’t get what you want, jealousy and revenge take over your entire personality and destroy lives around you. Adawat has a similar story.

Saad Qureshi as Rehan is a well-behaved and settled man who takes care of his family and provides for them responsibly.

Fatima Effendi as Areeba is a sweet girl, who turns negative when life doesn’t go her way.

Shazeal Shoukat as Maria is a happy-go-lucky girl, who becomes the target of envy after marrying Asjad.

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Syed Jibran as Asjad is a well-settled man who gets married to Rehan’s sister, Maria.

Rehan will lose the love of his life, which will lead to him marrying Areeba. On the other hand, Asjad is engaged to his cousin. However, he will end up marrying Maria who he finds suitable for himself.

Areeba is envious of Maria’s luck. So, she will try to ruin her life to take her rage out.

Directed By: Syed Jari Khushnood Naqvi


  • Fatima Effendi
  • Saad Qureshi
  • Shazeal Shoukat
  • Syed Jibran
  • Dania Enwer
  • Naveed Raza
  • Kinza Malik

Adawat is starting on 12th December and will air daily at 7:00 PM, only on ARY Digital.

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