Anabiya – A Reflection of the Insecure Man


The latest ARY Digital drama serial ‘Anabiya’, is an Aijaz Aslam Production, written by Atif Ali and directed by M Iftikhar Iffi.

Anabiya is not just another story of a girl, it is a reflection of our ugly society and how it functions.  No matter how innocent your dreams may be, they don’t guarantee an equally beautiful reality.

The opening scene of the episode had Anabiya all dressed up as a bride with her mother in law (also her khala) presenting her a ‘muun dekhai’ with some advice related to her new life. Sugar coated words and gold plated brass jewelry is how she welcomed her innocent niece to the family.

Well, this was just the tip of the iceberg, and only a fraction of what lied ahead. The mama’s baby and cousin turned husband Obaid loses  his cool at the very 1st night and  Anabiya’s new beginning turned sour because her husband could not stand how beautiful she was.

Anabiya – ARY Digital#ComingSoon on ARY Digital

Posted by ARY Digital on Thursday, February 25, 2016

He doubts how someone possessing such beauty could be safe from a shady past and a long line of admirers. He’s possessive and suspicious to the height of insanity. Could anything be worse for a newlywed bride?  Well this isn’t a new concept and we all know such people exist. These insecurities are real and often it is the girls who have to suffer the consequences.

On the other hand lies the story of Anabiyas sister Alishba, who too is set to get married very soon. While Anabiya is married to her khalas son, Alishba is going to be her phupoo’s daughter in law. (Twisted relations? We thought so too!)

Alishba along with her fiancé Muneeb goes to her sister’s house with breakfast where a new hell breaks over Anabiya. Obaid cannot stand another man in the presence of his beautiful wife and tells Muneeb to leave; this triggers an argument between Alishba, Obaid and the khala.

Petty issues become a cause of debate and ego takes over! The Phupoo creates a scene and Obaid demands Alishba to come and apologize if she wishes to attend the Valima.


Conditions, doubts and insecurities! Everything but love care or understanding! What an awful beginning to a new life!

While Obaid is busy being judgmental pointing fingers at other women and drowning in his own doubts and  insecurities, he has no control or knowledge of what his own sister has been up to!

The episode ends with Anabiya all dolled up in her Valima outfit making tea for the in-laws.

To find out what happens next, keep watching Anabiya every Saturday 9 pm only on ARY Digital.

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