Anabiya-Will She Ever Find Her Peace Of Mind?

After suffering so much, Anabiya has decided to take a stand for herself and file for a divorce with Obaid, he is also warned by the officer to keep his distance from Anabiya – or the outcomes will not be in his favor. In this hustle-bustle of Obaid and Anabiya’s situtaion , Qasim shows a lot of affection and concern towards Anabiya, making a soft corner in heart for him. Developing feelings for Qasim – Anabiya has begun to reminiscence the past and is thinking  a lot about him. She is thankful for his favors and care towards her and her family.

On the other hand Alishba’s parents are happy that she is about to get married, but what bothers them the most is the behavior of her mother in law, which is highly unpleasant. Anabiya and Alishba end up having a good talk about all the current situation and bond over it. However Farah is punched and slapped by Obaid after he finds out that his sister is romantically involved with Farooq. The beating has leads him to take certain measures and now Obaid faces the music – when he gets exactly the same in return.

With all the current events taking place, and Obaid settling for a khula with Anabiya to save the haq meher – do you think things will get better for her? Will she be able to get rid of Obaid and his attempts to torment her? Is Anabiya ever going to find her happiness with Qasim? Above all, after getting beaten up by Farooq’s friends will Obaid learn his lesson?

To find out what the future holds for her, keep yourselves updated and watch  Anabiya only on Wednesday’s on ARY Digital.



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