15 Annoying Things Short People Face.

Rolled shirt cuffs and asking for assistance to grab something from the shelf in a market sums up how short people live. Your height eventually becomes a defining characteristic of who you are as a person. While there are some perks of being short-heighted, there are a few cons as well.


1. No matter what the situation is, people will never forget to tell that you got a short height.


2. You’ll always have a hard time reaching to literally everything.


3. While walking with tall people, you’ll need to run in order to keep up with them.


4. Your weight gain is extra prominent.


5. Everybody is always leaning down to listen clearly.


6. Nothing fits you properly.


7. Yell or punch someone, they’ll still call you ‘CUTE’.


8. You can’t see the hood of your car while driving.


9. You get lost in gatherings amongst the crowd.


10. Gone to watch a movie and someone taller sitting in the front row? Bad idea.


11. Are you in a crowd and your favorite celebrity is in front? Try setting an appointment.


12. The HALF matters while telling the height to someone.


13. Taking selfies with tall friends? Hardest experience.


14. Nicknames will haunt you forever.


15. You’ve got tall friends and that’s a self-esteem suicide.


You’re not short, you’re adorable!

As a short-heighted person, how many of these can you relate to? Tell us in the comments below.

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