Are We Patriotic Enough? Shukriya Pakistan Proves It

“Iss Parcham Ke Saye Talay Hum Aik Hain, Sanjhi Apni Khushiyan Aur Ghum Aik Hain, Hum Aik Hain.”Celebrating Independence day with all the enthusiasm and gusto is like us Pakistanis one true thing. Putting on the green flags, family and friends gatherings, the bike rides, being extremely active on the social media and what not. None of us stay behind with showing our love and affection towards this auspicious occasion. No matter what happens we all always end up joining hands only for the love of Pakistan.

With all the celebrations coming up, Pakistanis wouldn’t miss a chance to partake in this, ARY Digital Network brings in something new to the eyes for people. A two week long celebration! Now that’s what you call ‘thinking out of the box.’ The hottest topic these days is the latest campaign ‘Shukriya Pakistan’ which is pretty much all you guys want to hear about this August. This idea is loved by so many, and the twitter trends are the witness of it.


The campaign is set to honor our country, expressing the love for it and even showing it to all –  that Independence Day isn’t just another occasion that lasts for a day,  Shukriya Pakistan begins from August 1st and lasts till 14th, this campaign gets us all hooked with the idea that the entire Karachi will be decorated just like a newly wedded bride! When was the last time we saw that? Furthermore plenty of activities will be taking place at Port Grand and Hockey Stadium – concerts, food fair and so much more is coming your way. So belt up and don’t miss out on this.

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