Armaan finally caves and agrees to marry Parisa

After the truth was revealed to Parisa about Armaan being single, it was clear that he deceived everyone and lied to get away from marrying her. The current situation is equally awkward for Armaan, so he finally caved. His agreement to marriage and Mehmood’s unemployment was the cause of Armaan’s such decision, he obviously wants the best everyone.

His father’s reaction was completely normal, maybe Mehmood is afraid that his sins will be revealed to the world, his father constantly demanded Armaan to seek spiritual help so that he can get over this stupid decision and Parisa.

Moreover, Parisa let her feelings out to her brother which proved how awful her entire life has been after the incident of ‘pool.’ Mehmood practically destroyed Parisa and left her stranded. It’s a good thing that she is on the verge of making his life a living hell! He deserves much worse. I wonder what will happen when the news breaks out.

Furthermore, when Mehmood’s wife yelled and said that she wants Armaan to marry whoever he wants, Mehmood’s reaction of divorcing her was beyond unacceptable. The part where Parisa and Mehmood had a conversation about ‘why shouldn’t Parisa marry Armaan’ was another twist. Though she doesn’t want to marry Armaan, state is not in her hand anymore.

Armaan’s demand from Parisa was another twist in the show, how will Parisa leave her luxurious life and come live with him with no money? He wants her to live with him and adopt his lifestyle. That might be impossible for someone who has had the most lavish life always. Plus, how will Parisa ever live in the same house as the man who’s her sinner? The man who made her life unbearable?

Muqabil has now picked up a fast pace and now moves forward, the only thing to look forward to is how will the father, son and daughter in law live in the same house? Don’t forget to watch the next episode of Muqabil only on ARY Digital on Tuesday at 8.00 pm.

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