Asim Azhar visits an orphanage scattering a plethora of smiles!

Being just 22 years of age, Asim Azhar is considered as one of the immensely talented and extensively popular singers of Pakistan. One of his initial songs, Sunlay has accumulated infinite praise for its beautiful composition and Asim’s enchanting voice.

Soon, the intoner climbed to the peak of fame’s gigantic mountain, rather instantly because of his sheer dedication and magical pitch. Asim started singing in concerts and in no time, he was invited to sing in the acclaimed, Coke Studio.

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Asim has been a staunch advocate of humanity throughout his career. He has been one of the celebrities to endorse philanthropy, not just in Ramadan, but in the entire year. Recently, the Jo Tu Na Mila singer has taken it to Instagram, donned in all black, ready to go somewhere and writes, “Let’s do this.”

As we all were thinking that the singer is off for another concert or a guest appearance in a television show, he astonished us with his visit to an orphanage in Karachi. All the children warmly welcomed him in a chorus.

Not just Asim, the kids seemed pretty intrigued with this performance altogether. He sang his super hit upbeat song to the kids with an absolute ace.

The fun didn’t stop here. Just look at how immersive he was that these kids were literally held spellbound with a plethora of smiles.

He also sat amid the children, talking to them about their life goals and aims, telling them about his passion for cricket.

And predictably, all his little fans went “Zindabad” for all the right reasons. We’re certain, this would have been one of the brightest days for these cuties.

More power to you Asim! Keep bringing smiles on abundant faces, with your fascinating performances and astounding personality.

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