Balaa ends but it will surely be remembered!

Balaa has become the epitome of karma ever since its last episode Monday night. The drama has not only touched new horizons with such a tremendous storyline, but it also shed light on how a woman can make or break a home. On one side, it shows the ultimate Balaa, Nigar, and on the other hand, it shows Saba, the girl with whom Taimoor’s mother still finds solace.

The character of Taimoor’s mother has been developed in such a way that it depicts all constituents of an actual mother. All of us can actually relate to the way she is always there for her children with her legit unconditional love. Even when she knows that Nigar’s intentions are not good, she still struggles to make her son become fond of her. At times, she fights with her daughters for Nigar, just to be sure that her son is finally happy with her, after the entire Saba fiasco.

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Mother’s love is one of the most tender things in the whole universe and we have seen Taimoor’s mother stay in her room against her will, away from her only son, just to show Nigar that she is on her side. The sorrow-stricken mother of two young dead daughters, in spite of knowing the reason, stays composed and doesn’t say anything bad to Nigar because she is a mother after all and a mother is not only her children’s mother, she’s the mother.

Nigar’s character is also very effective in a way that she can do anything and everything for her satisfaction. We all have witnessed such people in our lives who are the first ones to blame others for their own shortcomings. While staying at her father’s house, she victimizes her sister-in-law, Zeba every now and then. She just wants people, specifically her family to fulfill her orders and if something goes against her will, she sabotages the entire family. Her planning makes Saba run away on her wedding day, just because she likes Taimoor and could do anything to be with him like all other things she has wished for. People like Nigar are full of themselves and they cannot ever be satisfied, let alone try to make others happy.

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Just for the sake of Taimoor, she literally plans Batool’s death by sending Taimoor to the restaurant she is having a meal at and then marrying her to Junaid, only to get her killed, alleging her of running away. What happened to her in the last episode is undoubtedly a befitting response from nature. The last episode of Balaa has actually given relief to all the spectators with the restoration of their belief in nature’s law of karma. Balaa undermines selfishness and manipulation in a very subtle manner; everything she had done with her mother-in-law, happens with her the same way, so much so that she even forgets her own name.

Coming to the pristine character of Taimoor, he is the juxtaposition of a boy who loves his family and a man who drifts away from his family due to his spouse. We’re certain there are loads of Taimoors in the society who don’t yearn for the reality from the beginning and get to know about the truth once the situation becomes unmanageably worse. Perhaps it is not even his fault because he is immersed in his work since he is the only earner of the family and because he has just been betrayed by the girl he fell in love with. He finds Nigar as his ultimate savior in the time of need because she hits the right spot at the right time.

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The traditional patriarchy that is in the roots of our society is challenged in the episode when he sees Batool with a boy and drags her home. His mother then tarnishes the tower of male ego he had. Like a responsible family man, notwithstanding Nigar’s constant hullabaloo, he tries to keep the situation under control by listening to a bit from his mother and a bit from his wife. But once he gets to know about the reality, there’s no holding back. He finds every missing part of the truth and punishes her in the same way. The reason why employees, maids, and Saba take his side is that they all have been victimized by Nigar in various ways. Very subtly, Taimoor avenges his mother and sisters in the same way they were humiliated by Nigar and her family. In spite of neutralizing, he rather chooses a painful living for them by getting Nigar retarded, getting Junaid to confess and getting their father live alone in an old age home.

Not just these three characters, all other characters including Saba, Junaid, his father, Batool, Saleha and everyone else have complemented the entire storyline of the show. The drama has been written in such a way that no episode has been any less intriguing than others. Not only does it come with a lesson for people to be humble and kind, but it also tells you to be prompt and vigilant enough to judge the situation before it’s late. Balaa sheds light on the renown English proverb, “What goes around comes around” with a strong message of the reaffirmation on God’s plans.

Balaa has been a true rollercoaster ride of emotions. Who has been your favorite character throughout the show? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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