ARY Digital’s ‘Bandish’ looks vehement and spine-chilling

We have been watching the West, making movies on existing social issues, in order to highlight them blatantly, to subsequently attain positive results. Keeping the West in mind, Bollywood also appears to follow the footsteps by producing flicks on intense taboo topics, that often create a difference. In Pakistan, ARY Digital has become the torchbearer and arguably the only channel, in churning out dramas that not only provide entertainment, but they also delve into the most serious and pivotal issues that are rotting our country.

A few teasers of ARY Digital’s upcoming drama, Bandish have just surfaced on social media and the profound story they carry will literally make your skin crawl. The drama touches upon the use of black magic and its mishandling because of factors such as jealousy and insecurity.

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The first teaser of Bandish divulges the to-be-bride and her friend, getting her ready. They are content because of the pilot’s proposal for the girl. While both families sit together, the boy’s mother asks whether her son can meet the girl in person and her mother agrees. While both of them talk, the girl starts to act and speak in a strange way, apparently as if she is possessed. The teaser also unveils a person performing steps of black magic.

The second teaser depicts the same girl, donned as a bride, all set for her Nikkah ceremony. As the cleric asks her whether she accepts or not, she gets a seizure and the woman that appears to be the groom’s mother gets up and accuses her family of hiding the girl’s rare disease, while her mother tries to convince everybody that it is her daughter’s first ever epilepsy attack.

The next teaser starts off with a little girl, all revved up to go for an examination. Her mother gives her warm wishes and an abundance of prayers with the certainty that she will perform well in her exam. She goes to the school and sits for the exam, but to her surprise, something happens to her all of a sudden and she completely forgets whatever she had learned and she ends up merely drawing lines on the paper.

The fourth teaser of Bandish depicts the mother, coming to the living room that has doors for two rooms. As she arrives, she hears her daughters on both doors, crying for help. She tries hard to open the doors but she couldn’t. Out of helplessness and agitation, she sits down and starts reciting Quranic verses. As she recites, the camera moves into the room, showing that her daughter is sitting on a couch, using her phone with a smile on her face, unhurt.

This potpourri of immense suffering and unbearable pain entitled Bandish is all set to garner exceptional praise very soon, only on ARY Digital.

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