Benaam: three sisters, three stories

Benaam is the story of twin sisters Aiza and Aimal, who are orphans and living with their stepfather, despite having a real father, who left them before they were born. Throughout life, they faced financial hardships and got ill-treatment from other family members.

After the sudden death of their stepfather who was their only support, their life became more miserable. The journey of hardships aggravated by the absence of a father figure is all that defines their fate.

Komal Meer as Aiza is the twin sister of Aimal and daughter of Taimoor. She is humble, caring, and kind but stuck between love and family obligations.

Anoushey Abbasi as Aimal is the twin sister of Aiza who is beautiful and bubbly in nature and aspires to achieve all her dreams.

Shazeal Shoukat as Laiba is Taimoor’s beautiful daughter from the second wife. She is engaged to her cousin Haider.

Noor Hassan as Haider is the Intelligent and educated cousin of Laiba. He feels obligated to Taimoor as he supported him throughout his childhood.

Laiba likes Haider but Haider does not like her due to her arrogant nature, so much so that he starts liking Aiza and wants to marry her instead of Laiba.

Babar Ali as Taimoor is a Government officer who has divorced his first wife to marry a modern woman. However, he reunites with his daughters and tries to rectify the past…

Saad Qureshi as Umer is a simple and kind-hearted boy who lives in an old neighborhood and likes Aimal.

Imran Aslam as Babar is a notorious landlord who wants to marry Aimal and is consistently blackmailing her.

Written By: Tahir Nazir & Seema Sheikh

Directed By: Ali Masood Syed


  • Komal Meer
  • Anoushay Abbasi
  • Shazeal Shoukat
  • Waseem Abbas
  • Babar Ali
  • Nadia Hussain
  • Noor Hassan
  • Saad Qureshi
  • Imran Aslam
  • Ghana Ali
  • Humaira Bano
  • Shazia Gohar

Benaam airs daily at 7:00 pm on ARY Digital.

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