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Credit OST “Beti”

Original Soundtrack: Beti

Singer: Maham Waqar & Humza Nasir

Composition & Music: Goher Mumtaz & Hassan Abbas Rai

Lyrics: Goher Mumtaz & Hassan Abbas Rai

Producer: Abdullah Seja

D.O.P: M.Sikander Yousuf

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‘Beti’, All Set To Shed Light On An Important Social Issue

Since the old ages, this myth has prevailed in our society, that the daughters are considered to be a sign of bad omen. Though our religion completely refutes this notion and provides equal rights to them. ‘Beti’ is an amazing story of a daughter who faces this challenge as she gets married in a family where baby girls are not welcomed. Her husband’s grandmother is very aversive about the birth of a baby girl. Maryam now defends herself and her baby against all odds.

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