Betiyaan | Is Laiq Ahmed taking the right decision?

Fiza is almost at a happy place right now, with Danish finally accepting her as his wife and putting efforts to get this relationship to work out, Laiq Ahmed is still in a dilemma, but this time because of someone else. Neighbors come to put unwarranted allegations against Aiza, leaving Laiq Ahmed, the father of five Betiyaan, suffocated and agitated.

After consulting Fiza and other family members, he chooses to say yes to Saad’s proposal for Aiza. Saad’s mother gives the hopeless romantic a ray of hope, telling him about Laiq’s decision. It is nearly impossible for Saad to believe this.

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Laiq Ahmed asks to meet Saad and his parents; both of them. Saad takes his plea to his father and he agrees to come. However, he fails and Laiq turns back home in disappointment.

The father of five daughters is confused and scared because of the neighborhood, society, and even his sister. She had told Laiq to cut off any connection with Saad’s family but he rather chose to make them a part of his own.

Given Saad’s agression and stubbornness in the past, do you think Laiq Ahmed is taking the right decision by marrying off Aiza with him albeit her disapproval? What could be the repercussions? Will she be able to live a happy life with him? Have your say about Betiyaan in the comments’ section below.

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