Omer leaves his ‘Mere Apne’ family and everyone else in tears

The latest (34th) episode of Mere Apne has not only accumulated millions of views on social media but a plethora of tears as well. Omer, who had been a source of laughter, for his family members and the drama aficionados alike, passed away, in an accident, leaving Neha, and everyone else despaired.

From his brothers and sister to Neha, he had touched many lives. He had made sure to lift Usama after an intense workout session to home, and spoke to Hamza privately so that Rimsha does not suffer. However, Neha will be the person who will miss him the most. From his cute shenanigans to spontaneous romantic phrases and gestures, he used to swipe Neha off her feet every time. Just when people thought everything is finally great and under control in Neha’s life, she gets this major blow.

But that was not the end for Omer. He did not abruptly leave. He had a proper closure with Neha, the closure you will shed a tear for, even if you do not watch Mere Apne regularly. He came from the back, took Neha’s face in his hands, swept her tears, looked her in the eyes, held her closer, and bid adieu with a smile.

In the wake of the 34th episode of Mere Apne, fans took to social media to express their sorrow on the tragic demise of Neha’s better half, Usama’s best friend, Ramsha’s biggest support, and Iqbal’s brightest son. They spoke about the acting, the script, the body language, the chemistry, the emotions, the love, the heartbreak, and everything in between.

Let’s have a look at a few of the comments.

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What about the latest episode of Mere Apne did you love the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

You can also watch the episode below if you have not watched it yet or want to watch it again.

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