Carrying On The Fantastic Eid!

Traditionally Eid lasts for three days, but that doesn’t mean the list of fun should too. You think we won’t plan another day for you? ARY Digital brings some more of these fantastic shows so that you are sure to enjoy.

1. Good Morning Pakistan (10:00 am) :

Just another great transmission with this gorgeous Nida Yasir, who is going to make certain that our viewers are perfectly satisfied with the best of quality entertainment. Yes, Good Morning Pakistan will gladly be by your side and all uncles, aunties, mothers and daughters will surely love it!

2. Nok Jhok (7:00 pm) :

A sitcom which is probably loved by many, this is going be one more source of fun-filled day for our lovely audience, we can’t miss a chance to keep you happy, can we?

3. Bewakoofiyan (7:00 pm) :

This sitcom heads your way – making certain to get more giggles and guffaws so that even on the 4th day of Eid your day is all set to be entertained! Don’t forget to watch it!

4. Dil Lagi (8:00 pm) :

Watching the most trending show is just a cherry on top this Eid. The love/hate relationship of Moid and Anmol is a must see, so stay tuned to ARY Digital if  you wish to find out about what does the future hold for both of them.

5. Anabiya (9:00 pm) :

The women in our society are very strong, and people who think unlike should definitely have a look at this amazing show. The main lead actress, Anabiya is going through the roughest patch of her life,when her no good husband divorces her. The brave girl is now fighting for her rights. To watch what comes ahead for Anabiya don’t miss out!

6. Ishq Masala ( 10:00 pm) :

ishq Masala

There’s not too much to say about this teleplay, besides the fact that you wont be disappointed, so make sure that you do watch it and enjoy every bit of. The trailer below will prove that we stand correct about the quality of the show.

Ishq Masala Eid Day 4 at 10 pm by arydigitalofficial

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