The Cast Of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai Knows How To Let Their Hair Down

The drama serial Khuda Mera Bhi Hai brings the topic of transgender in light, though this is the most avoided topic. The latest news that took the internet by storm was how various transgenders were being highly mistreated and finally there was some action taken against the culprits. this proves that there might be a hope for a better life people who belong to the third gender.

After giving up her baby Ayesha Khan begins to lose it and blames Zain for everything. It’s no surprise that a mother would face a fate worse than death when loses her bundle of joy. The honor of family suddenly becomes priority of everyone in the house and all her feelings and emotions are completely neglected.

The previous episode showcased how awful Mahi’s  life has become but her mother in law can’t care less and the woman who was bold enough to take a stand for her life is left in the middle of nowhere. Alone and stranded.

Well, besides the serious facts of the drama serial, there are some fun moments that we wish to share with you. Lighten up the mood huh? Have a look.

Ayesha Khan smells something off here 

Ewwwww whats that smell????! Lol……#jibby #mayum #sona #mahi #khudamerabhihai #bts #comingsoon #aishakhan

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Now that’s something too filmy, thug life it is!


Thug life ???????????? #syedjibran #aishakhan #mariamsaleem #adnanshah #friends #instapic #share #smile

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Looks like the two really are close friends.


Happy actors. #khudamerabhihai #arydigital #sanashahnawaz #aishakhan #mariamsaleem

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The joke’s on YOU fooooool!!!! #bts #khudamerabhihai #thiscutie #aishakhan #ayeshakhan #mariamsaleem

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The team poses for a selfie. Again.


#khudamerabhihai #bts #theteam #? #aishakhan

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The gang! #khudamerabhihai #aishakhan

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The team of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai not only shows some great quality work but too knows how enjoy, these behind the scene pictures prove that the cast is is well aware of having a ball even when they are drained.

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