Celebrities demand #JusticeForMarwah

It was last week when a kid went out of her house to never come back. Marwah, a five-year-old girl was brutalized odiously, only to be murdered, burned, and thrown into garbage later. It was a reflection of not solely the heinous crimes scattered in our country, but also the people we have become, as a society.

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It is an event that has caused so much harm internally and externally that the people who could not even pronounce her name properly have come in the mainstream, engulfed in ultimate agony and infinite aggression to denounce this pathetic act with the strongest possible words.

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Likewise, a few pivotal fragments of the Pakistani media fraternity have taken to social media to protest against the killing of the innocent Marwah and to demand exemplary punishment for the perpetrators.

Philanthropist Shaniera Akram wrote, “How can we expect men who have little to no respect for any female life to even think twice before raping,murdering & throwing a little girls body in to a pile of rubbish?”

Demanding a public punishment, actress Ushna Shah said, “This time a hanging wont do! There needs to be a PUBLIC & INHUMANE punishment.”

“Pedophiles must be hung in front of people,” wrote Veena Malik as she requests authorities to take notice.

Singer Asim Azhar sheds light on something really important and thought-provoking. He writes about how we are making issues out of non-issues like who’s wearing what, who’s marrying whom, what sect does a person belong and the list goes on, but no one is really talking about major issues.

Fashion mogul Frieha Altaf said “there is nothing more heinous than a crime like Rape&Murder of a child!”

Actress Zhalay Sarhadi asserts, “Harsher punishments are the only way to scare away future offenders. Let the law protect our young ones for once.”

While legendary actress and activist Nadia Jamil demands a plan, an action to put a full stop to this national crisis.

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Trigger Warning ?? #JusticeForMarwah Five year old angel. Holding the flag of her country up so confidently, happily. Burned, beaten, raped, her face ripped off. I can hear her scream. Since 2013 I, and many others have been trying to share deep, widespread National plans to prevent & protect child abuse. As we go ignored I stop counting the dead bodies, the broken bodies, the anguished souls of too many children. Those of us invested in protecting the interests of children, quietly keep on working where and how we can. Knowing full well, in some areas now abuse is becoming a norm. There are levels of it from death to tolerable abuse. The Target: Our children. This has been an ignored national crises for too long.

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Talking about the power social media possesses, Yasir Hussain asks Twitteratis to make Marwah a trend so big that she gets speedy justice.

Naveed Raza said he is losing HOPE in humanity, wrote, “I am not sure if justice will be done in this world but Allah majesty will definitely burn them in hell forever.”

Singer Komal Rizvi asks for the public execution of the killers and its live television broadcast. She writes, “Just hang the perpetrators in a Public square and put it on TV. I dont care how bad we look in the eyes of the international people. We deserve it.”

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I have always been vehemently against violence. But I here I plead everyone in any place of power… How long will let this sort of thing go on??? How. Long. HOW LONG? Just hang the perpetrators in a Public square and put it on TV. I dont care how bad we look in the eyes of the international people. We deserve it. We are letting rot take over our entire soul with complacency. BUSS please buss. If the government can show NO MERCY TO RAPE, ABUSE, AND MURDER. Then watch the crime drop like a hat. NO MERCY. NONE. #JUSTICEFORMARWA #JUSTHANGTHEM @bbhuttozardari @imrankhan.pti @maryamnawazofficial @syedshiblifaraz @ptiofficial @dr.arifalvi @qamar_javed_bajwa @shoaibdastgir @sherryrehman @marvisirmed @mjnasir @malala @smqureshi.pti @imranismail.pti @faisalvawda_pti @shaantaseer

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Celebrities like Yumna Zaidi, Armeena Khan, and Iqra Aziz also made sure to voice their disgust and aggression.

We hope a speedy investigation is carried out and a straightforward exemplary punishment will be given to curb similar cases in the future, across the country.

You will never be forgotten Marwah! You will live in our hearts, forever!

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