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The world of gossips and glamour as it is regarded usually is bubbling with desi weddings as any other Pakistani household these days. As for the usual buzz of showbiz is from cat-fights to gossips of scandalous photo shoots with who was spotted with whom and all. But being a Pakistani society we don’t have that much of those things but after all its showbiz no news can go without some masala and scandals.

As a matter of fact our Pakistani celebrities get married these weddings in itself are a source of gossips why is he/she getting married were they college sweetheart and all were they spotted before. Well as for sometime the couples in dramas or films become real life couples. That’s why the gossips of showbiz are itself a profitable business because the earning some magazines depend on this type of stuff.

In Pakistan it’s a wedding season from Sanam Saeed’s wedding which added a new couple of Mahreen Rizvi and Rehman Ray. The weddings were all as they were meant to be with all those stars and beautiful faces, romantic gestures and affection shown by the couples. As for Sanam she has found the school sweetheart as for Mehreen she has her way through Facebook like many other couples these days, Facebook continues to favor us with all its diversities.

The question is they both have found the accountants for them well it seems to me that accounts and showbiz has started to tag along pretty well with each other. CA’s are getting in case of wives too or is it just the money that has helped them. As for Pakistani media it is filled with Imran and Reham history courtship and all that fuss they created in case of Sania & Shoaib marriage.

As for the uprising star Maheen will it be the end of her journey because as for Sanam she might not have as many good looks as her but her acting career has traveled far way up the road. The questions for her career arises will showbiz looses another actresses like her to an overseas accountant like many others or is this is an early marriage.

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